Quickbooks qbw32.exe no disk \Device\Harddisk1\DR1

A couple of months ago, I bought Quickbooks 2013 a home & small businesses accounting software. I don't have the online version, I bought the local version for my needs. It's great and saving me some time, frustrations, and it's easy+fun compare to Excel.

Recently I also bought a USB card reader for my photography business witch actually adds 4 new drive letters to my Windows 7 machine. When you where a system administrator for 15 years and someone organize, this can be annoying to have the H: I: J: L: new drives. So I renamed them to M: N: O: P: for my needs with the Disk Manager of Windows.

After a day, starting Quickbooks gave me a "Quickbooks qbw32.exe no disk \Device\Harddisk1\DR1" error. That is strange. Looking up that on the web/google actually gave me no actual solution! Clicking "Cancel" or "Continue" actually worked, but that error each time I start my software is just unacceptable.

Some people had tryed things but no actual solution. Also a call from a Quickbooks user to support of Quickbooks actually did not fix the problem, but the company told the person to contact Microsoft because they where the problem.

That's a typical support answer for someone that does not know how his own stuff work.

But let's not take that answer for granted and let's analyse the situation.

The only last change on my machine was the USB card reader. So unpluging the card reader, rebooting and starting Quickbooks did the trick. The error was gone.

This mean that it's not the card reader, but the drive letter change. Quickbooks must track drive letters in one way or another for it's needs. Looking at the task manager, I can see Quickbooks running even if I did not started the application itself.

There are 4 Quickbooks services running


Before proceeding, you actually need to see if your database (your company data file) is actually:

-Not on a new drive letter

So here it goes.

1-Unplug all your USB storage devices (not the mouse and keyboard)
3-Shutdown/close/stop those 4 services with the task manager (you need to show the task of all users to see them all)
3-Plug your USB devices, and change the drives letters
4-Optionnaly, Remove old USB Mass Storage Drivers on your PC, the link for that procedure is below.
6-Start Quickbooks and everything should be fine!

I don't think there is a way to ask Quickbooks not to track the drive letter change.

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