Apple a fait un vidéo et un historique interactif sur ces 30 ans.

En 2013, Moment Factory utilise des Macs pour construire une histoire interactive et sont maintenant dans la vitrine de Apple.

Directement en 2013

L'historique au complet

He really look like 70 years old if not younger! But he is 93 years old!

His secrets? Some secret pills? No. He got some tricks? Not really.

His secrets are something you don't want to hear : Work, diet and exercice.

See his talk here:

In April, Gmail will be 10 years old. The service began in 2004 and it is today one of the most popular email service in the world. With is now 425 million of users, it is great to see that Gmail is really stable, secure and spam (almost) free.

I have been a user since 2004 :)

Note that hotmail, now, was founded in 1996.

Une nouvelle idée intéressante! Le chanteur Pharrell Williams a créer un vidéo de 24h avec sa chanson Happy qui se répète pendant toute la période avec des caméos ainsi que des gens qui ont passé une audition!

Le vidéo de 24h ici

ou le vidéo officiel pour les médias ici

A couple of months ago, I bought Quickbooks 2013 a home & small businesses accounting software. I don't have the online version, I bought the local version for my needs. It's great and saving me some time, frustrations, and it's easy+fun compare to Excel.


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